At Kaṣhāya, we believe nothing is truly beautiful unless it is made the right way. And that is why we have collaborated with trusted partner craftsmen, who have been nurturing the ancient art of Ayurvedic dyeing and handloom for generations. Our mission is to provide daily essentials that nurtures your baby, nature and artisans who make it.


The Cotton Farm

The organic cotton used to craft your baby’s clothing is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. We use only  GOTs certified organic cotton and rain-fed indigenous khadi cotton to ensure you are getting only the best for your baby.

  1. GOTs certified cotton - GOTS Certifications ensure the organic status of raw materials as well as fair wages to the farmers. You can find out more about Organic cotton on our organic cotton page.
  2. Indigenous Khadi cotton: We source rain-fed Indigenous Khadi cotton from Government approved Sewa Sansthan who thrive for the betterment of the farmers and the weavers. Farmers are provided with non-gmo seeds for the cultivation of cotton. Cotton is purchased from the farmers at a higher rate than the market to ensure they are paid fairly for their crops. From spinning to weaving zero electricity is used during the entire process.

The Dye House

Our little dye-house is approved by the Central Government of India to protect the ancient dyeing technique of Ayurvastra. It also provides training and employment to the local handloom weavers. The Ayurvastra colouring is a multi-step process, which involves use of different herbs at each stage. Most of the herbs used are grown in their own backyard or sourced from the local tribe which creates an employment opportunity for them. Water required for Kaṣhāya (dye concoction) is fetched from a fresh well. After dyeing water is used for irrigation and solid waste is used as a fertilizer for the plants.

You can visit our blog Ayurvedic Dyeing Process for more information.


Tailoring Unit

After the dye is fixed and dried, our earthy coloured organic fabric is sent to a stitching unit where the artisans meticulously bring your baby clothing to life. We work with a small production team who shares our ethical values. 


The completed pieces are finished with a hanging tag, tied on with coconut rope. We slip into a recyclable card box and it embarks on its journey to their fam.

So, that’s it😊 this how we do it, as clean as possible.

We as parent want to give best to our kids; so, let us nurture their gentle and porous skin with goodness and therapeutic properties of Ayurveda to strengthen their immunity and create an overall positive aura.