Natural colours

Natural colours

Natural colours are non-toxic, gentle, and safe, and when they are extracted from Ayurvedic herbs, they are medicinally rich, healing, and healthy, especially for kids! A simple experience of wearing naturally dyed clothing while growing up could be the first step to introducing babies to sustainable living. It will become a way of life for kids and they will create a beautiful connection with nature.

Keep reading to discover why this matters and the five reasons why we’re keeping this long lost love alive. 

Healing properties / Natural dyes are particularly suitable for sensitive skin

The combination of organic fibres and Ayurvedic dyes is our secret recipe for nourishing the skin and protecting the body. Since they do not contain any harmful products, they are suitable for all skin types and especially the most sensitive such as babies for example. Wellness benefits of herbs that are tried and tested in Ayurveda is one of the key pillars of our brand value system.


Indeed, natural colour does not harm the environment as they are extracted from natural and renewable sources. We work closely with natural colour experts who are practicing the art of Ayurvedic dyeing for generations. They sustainably use the nutrients from the mother earth in the form of herbal dyes and the remains go back safely through water to nourish the soil without leaving any trace of pollution.

Did you know critics say 90% of clothing is dyed synthetically, and you can guess the next season’s hit hue by the colour of the rivers in China?



Creates employment opportunity

The work of the Ayurvedic dyeing is mainly artisanal. Thus, it provides employment opportunities to those involved in cultivation and collection of herbs, extraction of dyes, and work of these dyes. Since they are non-hazardous the workers are provided safe environment to work for.

Surprise element

Natural dyeing is a bit of an adventure even with lots of experimentation you are never totally guaranteed what the result will be. Small things like water used or soil it is grown in or when the herbs are cultivated can impact your final colour. So, the next time you notice colour variations in the same style of pieces you know why so😊

Perfectly imperfect

The advantage of synthetic dyes in fashion is you get perfect consistency but there is a unique variation you can get with natural dyes. Natural dyes play up the textures of linen and cotton in a special way, emphasising each fibre instead of flattening them down. Due to this raw quality, you may find slight imperfection in colours – consider it as nature’s way of saying you are unique and beautiful.

When we decided to start a sustainable clothing line, we wanted to balance a love of fashion with a concern for the planet. When we first learnt just how beautiful, and eco-friendly herb-based colours could be, we fell hard and fast. Every piece of the Kashaya collection is dyed using combination of Ayurvedic herbs like harda, manjishtha, turmeric, Indigo etc.

With love,
From two moms

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