Benefits of mustard seeds pillow!

Benefits of mustard seeds pillow!

Kaṣhāya mustard seeds baby pillow is crafted using only natural ingredients - GOTs certified organic cotton infused with Ayurvedic herbs and food-grade mustard seeds. A mustard seeds pillow is a must-have accessory for a newborn baby. Read on to know about the need, benefits, and other uses of the Kaṣhāya mustard seed pillow.

Why should you use a mustard seeds pillow?
During birth, sometimes the stress of passing through the birth canals leads to a slightly flat or conical shape head, or sometimes the baby favour sleeping on one side which leads to a flat head. This is where the traditional method of using a mustard seeds pillow as a remedy comes in. 

What are the benefits of the Kaṣhāya mustard seeds pillow?

  1. Mustard seeds pillow cushions the baby’s head and provide ergonomic support to fix and reshape bumps, dents, or depressions caused during delivery and helps to prevent flat heads.
  2. The natural warming properties of mustard seeds help to soothe the common cold and cough.
  3. Unlike other head-shaping pillows that use synthetic fillings and synthetic dyes, the Kashaya mustard seeds pillow doesn’t emit any harmful fumes or odors.
  4. It allows proper air circulation, preventing overheating of the baby’s head.

Fun fact: Traditionally, it is believed that mustard seeds ward off the evil eye.

When shall I start using a mustard seeds pillow for the baby? And till when I should use it?
It is recommended to use this pillow after a few weeks of birth and the longer your baby sleeps on it, the more effective it will be. This is best for babies who still spend time sleeping on their backs. Traditionally, a mustard seed infant pillow is used from day one.

How do you use the baby pillow?
Before putting the baby down on the pillow, spread the seeds in the pillow evenly. Then press your fist into the center of the pillow. This will form a depression that will cradle the baby's head in place. Simple, as that 😊

Important Tip: Always put a pillow directly on the mattress under a fitted sheet or flat sheet. Due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS,) the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a bare sleeping surface.

How do I wash it?
Kaṣhāya mustard seeds pillow is 100% washable. Simply soak the pillow for 5 mins in mild detergent and wash it off. You can wash it without removing the insert. Just ensure that if you are washing without removing the insert, hand wash it, and air dry.

Fun Fact: Mustard seeds do not absorb water.

Why the pillow is not tightly filled with mustard seeds?

You will notice unlike other pillows, Kaṣhāya mustard seeds pillow is not filled tightly. This is to allow you to evenly spread out the seeds before you use the pillow. This pillow is filled with about 0.5 kg (1.10 lbs) of mustard seeds which meets the requirements of most babies.

Are there any other uses of the pillow?
You can use it as an ice pack or lumbar/neck support once your baby stops using it. Do not use it as a heating pad as mustard seeds will splutter upon heating.

We hope that this is something that can be used for years to come and provides lasting value for your whole family. When you need to dispose of your pillow/pack, you can safely compost it without worrying about clogging up landfills!

With love,
From two moms

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