A warm welcome to Kaṣhāya 🌿

Kaṣhāya is a dream story of two moms who believe, “when you can grow your little one organically why add chemicals in his/her life?” At Kaṣhāya, toxic chemicals are a thing of past, Ayurvedic herbal dyes and heirloom quality organic clothing is our vision for the future. So proud that we’ve created something incredible to help moms make a confident choice right at the beginning of motherhood🤰 & beyond!

Join our healthy hustle to live happily and organically ever after🌱

Lots of love 💚

Pratima & Shamla



Fashion designer by passion and an educator at school, Pratima loves to be in the world of kids. Her mother Sadhana is an Ayurvedic practitioner, so she has always been passionate about magic of Ayurveda. With Kaṣhāya, she doesn't have to choose between her passion and love :-) 



Shamla, started her career in the aviation industry and decided to take a sabbatical to raise her two boys. Later, she worked for a sustainable clothing brand for grown ups and realised it is best to introduce idea of sustainable clothing at an early age. She decided to pursue her passion and that's how Kāṣhāya was born.

Our Pinkie promise

We promise to welcome a baby into the world and beyond, with a gentle touch from Ayurveda and sustainable materials.

 Good things begin here!

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