Kashaya is our sincere effort to turn parent’s moments of panic into moments of magic through ergonomically designed Ayurvedic herbs infused organic baby clothing that helps make parent’s life a tiny bit easier every single day.

Skin Loving Clothing

Did you know -- studies prove your skin absorbs chemicals and pesticides laden within the fibers of your clothes? And a baby’s skin is like a cushy piece of a sponge, it absorbs more of everything it touches. That’s why we have created baby clothing in its purest form using only organic cotton infused with Ayurvedic Herbs that feels like heaven for your li’l angel!

Benefits for your baby
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Dye

    Naturally dyed baby clothing using 20+ Ayurvedic herbs - no chemical colours here.

  • Zero Chemical Promise

    Only GOTs certified organic cotton and natural fabrics - no synthetic or PVCs.

  • Design for comfort

    Designed for baby's comfort & growth spurts - seamless, easy to wear & diaper changes.

  • Artisanal & fair trade

    Hand-dyed & khadi fabrics - sourced from the government approved societies - to ensure fair wages.