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You can't go wrong with Bengal Muslin for your baby!

As a new parent or to be parent, you must have read a lot about fabrics for your baby. We are sure muslin is on the top of the list. But do you know the muslin clothing available in the market is crafted from Gauze fabric. A machine-made cotton with loose weave is different from Bengal muslin which our grandparents used to wear. We bait you all remember the softness of your granny’s saree, and of course warmth of her hug 😊

Read on to know why we have used the Bengal muslin fabric that our Aaji loved to make your baby’s clothing.

Extremely absorbent

Baby’s skin loses moisture twice as fast and can thus easily become dry and flaky. Muslin naturally absorbs excess moisture from skin, keeping your baby squeaky clean and cool, especially during summer.

Light as feather

The fibers are lighter and they do not cling to the skin. These qualities help keep your baby comfortable and safe, resulting in your peace of mind.

Season-less - Breaths “Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer”

Muslin regulates the body temperature - keeping your baby cool during daytime and cozy at night. The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for proper airflow, reducing the risk of overheating and making it perfect for your baby😊

Super soft and silky to touch

Bengal muslin is handloomed from hand spun yarn, which makes it super soft and silky to touch. The best part is it naturally gets softer with each wash (without use of fabric softener).

As durable as mama’s love

Muslin has extremely long and silkier fibers as compared to ordinary cotton fibers making it to withstand numerous washes and excessive use. You can even preserve it and gift it to the next generation and make a small tradition out of it 😊

Our mission is to make sure your baby is happy, cozy, and comfortable right from the time you welcome your precious little one into the world. Our Bengal muslin clothing and accessories for newborn babies are designed to do just this! Swaddle and dress your little one in the goodness of soft, light & breathable Bengal muslin fabric. Discover our range here.

With love,
From two moms

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