Organic clothing - your baby's best buddy!

Organic clothing - your baby's best buddy!

You must have spent time reading about the best products for your baby. Must have made a list of the best natural bath and body products, natural detergents, and organic food brands that are free of added hormones and antibiotics. All to make sure no chemical enters or touches your baby’s sensitive skin and triggers health issues.

There is one more way you can help protect your baby from absorbing harmful chemicals. And that is by using organic clothing for your baby. Keen to know how and why organic clothing for baby? Read on!

Organic baby clothing a pure hug from mama earth!

Have you ever wondered who hugs your baby the most? Sorry, mama’s, it's not you. It's their clothes. Clothes form a second skin and are in constant touch with your baby’s skin. That’s why your baby deserves to swaddle in pesticide-free outfits to avoid any skin rashes and irritations. Kashaya replaces chemical dyes in organic clothing with Ayurvedic herbal dyes, making it completely free from chemicals and safe for baby’s skin.

Ohh! so soft and comfortable.

While your baby stays away from skin allergies by wearing naturally dyed Kashaya organic clothing, they’ll also be at their best comfort. It is not only buttery soft and smooth but also adapts to the weather condition and keeps your baby cool during summer and warm during winter. So, whether you are going on an island vacation or holiday snuggling, you know organic cotton clothing is your best choice😊

One less thing for mama’s to worry about!

Organic cotton clothing is very easy to take care of. You can wash your baby’s clothes again and again without having to worry about them falling apart or looking shabby (a big relief for mama’s). The chances you will replace your baby’s clothing is only when they outgrow it.

P.S. Seamless Kashaya clothing is designed to grow with your kids so that they can use it for a longer time😊

Kinder to our mama earth and farmers!

Like both of us, other mother’s also want to provide eco-friendly solutions to their family so that their babies can have a better planet. By using organic clothing, we can be assured that we are putting less pressure on the planet and the farmers as they are not exposed to the harmful chemicals. Introducing the idea of organic and sustainable clothing at an early age is like upbringing sustainable superheroes.

Kashaya - Choosing nothing but best for your baby!

Babies take in a lot more of the chemicals and toxins in anything as their skin is more absorbent– especially if they’re covered in it all day. That’s why not only the fiber that touches their skin should be organic but also the dyes should be chemical free. At Kashaya, we offer the best organic baby clothing by replacing the toxic chemical dyes with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs. This is especially good news for children with eczema.

With love,
From two moms
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