The benefits of swaddling!

The benefits of swaddling!

If you’re wondering about the advantages of swaddling? what kind of wrap to be used? Or a way to swaddle? we've got you lined. Go on, give it a read.

How swaddling helps the baby to fall asleep?
Transitioning from the warm and cozy environment of Mom’s womb to a chilly and bright world is not simple for babies. Swaddling recreates the safe and cozy feeling of the mom's womb and helps the baby feel comfortable by containing their reflexes. By swaddling your baby nightlong, you and your partner will likely catch a bit of extra shut-eye (Something none folks can say no to!)


What makes Kaṣhāya cotton wrap special?

  1. Kaṣhāya baby swaddle is breathable and adjusts the temperature of the body that ensures the baby does not overheat after swaddling.
  2. It is crafted from organically grown khadi muslin cotton or GOTs certified cotton which gets softer with each use.
  3. It is infused with Ayurvedic herbs such that the medicinal properties of each of the herbs is retained in the cloth. These herbal dyes are known to have health benefits, especially for the skin, which makes it 100% safe for babies.

Fun fact: Did you know that in Ancient India Ayurvedic herbs infused cloth called Pomcha was used to wrap a newborn baby in as it provided anti-bacterial protection for babies? Yes, the clothing was used to protect and nurture babies.  

How to swaddle?

  1. Lay a wrap on a secure, flat place in a diamond shape/position with the top-most corner folded down 4-6 inches for the baby’s head.
  2. Lay the baby down on their back within the center of the wrap with their neck on the folded corner.
  3. Pull the left side over and snugly tuck under the baby, ensuring to keep the baby’s hips loose. Never pull their legs straight or force their joints, as this might cause hip abnormality
  4. Now pull the wrap on the highest right towards the chest space of the baby.
  5. Pull the bottom corner up and over the baby’s left shoulder and then wrap the last corner all the way around the baby. Tuck into the tiny blanket pocket you’ve created on their front.

Note: Swaddle your baby in 100% cotton rather than polyester or fleece swaddles to avoid overheating. Avoid "double swaddling" or using a blanket that is too warm.

What are the other uses of Kaṣhāya swaddle wrap?
While you might already know about swaddling a baby, what you might not know is there are plenty of other ways to use Kashaya muslin wraps. We have listed a few for you here. 
  1. Privacy throw when breastfeeding.
  2. Burping cloth.
  3. Thin extra layer during daytime.
  4. Stroller cover for a great sun shield.
  5. Teething.
  6. The wrap will be a keepsake not just for you but make for a great memory blanket. Due to its durability you can even preserve it and gift it to the next generation😊

Kashaya swaddle wrap is the best and most versatile baby accessory you will be reaching for long even after the swaddling phase. Designed to look great however you use them, our swaddle wrap is crafted from world’s softest organically grown handloom Bengal muslin cotton which gets softer with each use and helps to maintain baby’s body temperature. And as you know it is infused in the Kashaya of Ayurvedic herbs😊

With love,
From two moms

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